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1A brilliant system of exercises, using breath, timing and wisdom to access our core musculature, muscles deep in the body. We stand up taller, breath more fully, feel energized longer in our days and ache less. I teach Pilates on the equipment or on the mat for you, solo, with your friend, duets, or in a group class. Solo lessons recommended if you have more individual needs.

Yoga & Meditation

2Both bring harmony and balance to the body, mind and heart. We feel calmer, more capable. We slow down and yet accomplish more. I teach yoga in a flowing manner, following breath. I do not push you around, but show you how to align yourself. We laugh, then we are quiet. You have time and space to explore your own presence, your own thought patterns and sensations.

Both & More

3Pilates style exercises and yoga compliment each other. Each uses breath to bring health to the body and mind. We move. We hold still and observe. Pilates brings a happy feeling to our yoga spines. Yoga and meditation calm our analytical Pilates minds. We grow strong inside and out. From there, we can start to reach out to others. Come to a workshop. Come to a donation class. Ride your bike to class. We take care of ourselves, so we can care for our community and environment.

July Special

Double the pleasure (2 yogis reaching)

Independents Week Special until July 7!

Are you familiar with Dane Buy Local? Local businesses keep our community and economy working together. We are celebrating June 27th through July 7th! Independents Week
Check out all the wonderful participants around town:

  • My special: purchase a consultation for only $10. A consultation is a first-time 50 minute private lesson. Use your consult within the next 6 months to try out equipment or see what a private lesson is like, or just get kick-started on your Pilates/Yoga lifestyle.

    Use promo code “INDEPENDENTS” purchase online or purchase in person. You may buy several to be used as gifts

  • Share and tag for a free class. Share the words “THRIVE #DBLIndependentsWeek” on Facebook for a free mat Pilates/or yoga class. Make sure to tag me, so I know you did!

Jules Outages ~ No Classes:

Thurs Aug 28 – Tues Sept 3 (may vary depending on flight schedules)

Looking ahead: Fri Oct 17 – Sun Oct 19

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