Class changes and Instructor outages

Schedule changes:

  • Friday morning classes are removed for now.
  • CoreAlign classes will be the fourth Saturday of the month.
  • Free group meditation is on break for January
    I have really enjoyed seeing folks on Tuesday nights. I will revisit scheduling these free sessions in February. Please let me know if you have a theme or topic that you would like to explore.

Jules Outages:

  • March 4 through March 22
    Jules on break

We carry on with Pilates during the pandemic:

It has been about 10 months since we shut down the studio for classes. Will we ever resume? Well, I certainly hope so! I know we will find our new space, but it has not yet appeared. It requires  some unusual characteristics.

  • It must be accessible from many different sides of Madison. Having it on the east-ish side of town is a must for my crazy schedule and obligations.
  • I absolutely need a creative way to bring fresh air flow into the space at ALL times of the year, potentially outdoor space for the pleasant weather times.
  • MUST have a private bathroom. It must must must.
  • And of course, the cheaper the better.

Just visualize it for now.

PORCH SALE: still some a few items left

Carla – Bikram Yoga

Sunday Bikarm class is on hiatus until further notice



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