Jules Pilates provides a comfortable and safe environment for Private Solo lessons or Group Classes of three individuals on the Pilates equipment and four individuals in Pilates Mat classes.

Private Lessons

These can be taken occasionally or on a weekly basis. You can take only Private lessons to work on your personal goals and health, or you can combine them with weekly group classes. If you have need for a lot of modifications, this is the path you should choose.

Open times for private lessons are limited, so you may not be able to have your first choice of time slots. I do have a wait list for individuals not able to find an open slot that works for them. Email Jules to  schedule your initial consultation, private lessons, or to be put on a wait list.

Group Classes

These are offered early morning, mid day and evening times to accommodate the most people. If your choice of class times is filled, please email Jules to be put on a wait list.

Group Equipment classes are mixed equipment: reformer, wunda chair, tower, and spine corrector, occasionally using the CoreAlign. The equipment is made by Balance Body Pilates equipment manufacturer. 3 individuals per class. Classes are sold as a month long series. You purchase the whole month at the time slot that works for you.

Group Mat classes are also small with 4 individuals per class. These classes are done on the mat with props provided occasionally to create depth and challenge. These classes are sold as individual sessions. You may purchase a single class or 4. Register ahead to reserve your space.

I run a HEPA filtration unit that continuously cleans the air.

Bathroom is a small private room for individual use.

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Wunda Chair



Spine Corrector

Jules Pilates is not open for private lessons or group classes on Saturdays or Sundays. Occasional workshops or specialty classes may be given.