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Jules is a Master CoreAlign Instructor for Balanced Body.
She offers CoreAlign Teacher Training, Movement Principles, and Anatomy for Movement Professionals through Balanced Body Education. Email Jules with interest and questions.

These trainings provide 16 hours of NPCT credit through the NPCP.

If you are just beginning your journey to Pilates teacher training through Balanced Body, begin with Movement Principles then take Anatomy.

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CoreAlign Teacher Training

CoreAlign is equipment that has a ladder at one end and sliding carts on tracks. Most of the time you hold onto the ladder and perform standing up exercises that activate your muscles in the upright position. Great for balance, posture, leg development, gait training, balancing musculature (and so much more). It also has the potential to add some cardio aspects to your Pilates program. There is flow. There is rhythm. Some the exercises are done in other positions-from hands and knees, carts in the same plane, sitting down, lying down, etc. You can adjust the resistance bands to make the movement harder to pull (more stability for you) or easier to pull (more work to balance). It is so much fun. Consider CoreAlign as a way to enhance your movement teaching and Pilates career. Continuing education credits are available through NPCP.

Movement Principles

When embarking on a Movement teaching career (Pilates, yoga, personal training, physical therapy, exercise coach, etc.), it is very helpful to have some ways to organize your thinking about bodies and exercise movement. Movement Principles does that. It gives us a basic understanding of the anatomy of movement, fundamental movement patterns, and how to train the base layer movements that will become the foundations for healthy exercise and joint mobility. It takes into account progressions of the exercises and modifications of the exercises. It will show you how to teach those movements to others. The course is broken up into tracks that mirror the tracks for the rest of the Balanced Body Pilates training courses, if that should be a thing you want to do. If you have already had Pilates training, this is a great course to deepen your understanding and get some continuing education credits.

Anatomy for Movement Professionals

Are you ready to really dive in? This covers the body from head to toe with emphasis on skeletal structure, joints, muscles, fascia and movement. Less emphasis is given to organ functioning. We learn in a variety of ways in this class, through reading, discussion, slide presentation and moving our own bodies. There is no way around it though, this is intense! There is so much information, that it is also a great review for people who have taken anatomy for their professions already. There is also enough time in this class to focus on an specific areas of interest that you might have. Bring your questions!

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