Joyful Jumpboard

Jules happy dancing

I was having so much fun with the other day, I wanted to show everyone you how much great Jumpboard Pilates is so made this movie.

Jumpboard Pilates is done on the Universal Reformer Bed piece of equipment. Secured with the foot bar, a padded jumping plate is added to allow you to push your feet (or hands) into a larger flat surface area. This give more options for foot positioning and more potential for increasing foot strength and balanced gait in the ankles, legs and hips.

You don’t actually have to use the jumpboard to jump, but when we do, we add a cardio element to our Pilates practice. It can give you the sense of flying or floating. Movements are quicker and flowing.

  • We add in variations that emphasize abdominals or arm strength.
  • We create choreography that challenges our coordination and memory.
  • We work hard with deep Pilates principles.

There is something about jumping that really lifts our moods (all that oxygen?) and by the end of class, we are often laughing.

I offer a 30 minute Jumpboard Consultation if you would like to try this on your own to see if it will work for your body and to gain a beginning familiarity with the equipment before you try a group class.

Joe Pilates did not invent the jumpboard, but the movements still should be done with a strong foundation in Pilates. You do not have to be an advanced Pilates practitioner, but you should have the ability to hold a strong abdominal contraction for an extended period of time to stabilize and protect your back.

While jumping horizontally on the equipment can assist with certain problems that jumping in the vertical position may have, there will be folks who are counter-indicated for jumping in this position (some lower body, back, pelvic floor, health conditions).

Note: All students new to jumpboard should have Jules’ clearance to attend group jumpboard class.