Online Schedule at a Glance

Schedule Change Notes

One Week Schedule – online via Zoom

Below is an overview of what is available on our schedule powered by Acuity Online. Click on the class name to see dates and times available. Here is a direct login link: Jules Pilates Scheduling.

Monday Class
12:00pm – 12:50pm Online Beginner Mat
5:30pm – 6:20pm Online Intermediate Mat
Tuesday Class
8:30am – 9:20am Online Intermediate Reformer Class
12:00pm – 12:50pm Online Intermediate Mat
5:30pm – 6:20pm Online Intermediate Chair
(rainy days only)
5:30pm – 6:20pm Outdoor Pilates Mat
(weather dependent)
Wednesday Class
12:00pm – 12:50pm Online Beginning Mat
6:00pm – 6:50pm Online Intermediate Mat
(September: moves to in-person)
Thursday Class
8:30am – 9:20am Online Beginning Mat 
09:30am – 10:45am Survivor Yoga Online or In Person
(September: moves to in-person)
6:00pm – 6:50pm Online Intermediate Reformer
Friday Class
12:00pm – 12:50pm Online Mat with Props
(Foam Roller, Magic Circle, Stretch Band, Ball)
Saturday Class
9:00am – 9:50am Online CoreAlign Class
(Monthly 4th Sat)
9:00am – 9:50am Online Jumpboard Class
(Monthly 3rd Sat)
Sunday Class
Last updated: July 20, 2021

Specialty classes offered at intermittent times

Online Zoom classes for students with home equipment.

Schedule your free private test lesson on Zoom
We will need to test out your equipment and mine. The best way to do this is to just try. The test will run about 10 to 30 minutes.

Register for free private session (The schedule offers many time slots.)

Schedule your free group test class on Zoom
I am running free classes to test out what group class issues will come up for you. These will be scheduled as follows. These are not the set times for regular online classes, just when I am running the free group classes. Classes will run 45 minutes.

Register for free group Zoom classes

An email confirmation will have a link to the Zoom meeting.

You will need to sign a new liability waiver that includes online classes.
I will attach the waiver to the new online classes. This is a must for taking online classes. Thank you!