New Clients Start Here

All new clients start with a private in-person initial consultation with Jules.

Email Jules to schedule your initial consultation

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Except, if you have physical issues, specific needs, have particular schedule needs, questions, concerns, are traveling in from out of town for a brief visit, or are an advanced Pilates practitioner, then email Jules to schedule a 15 minute phone call first.

Are you new to Pilates?

You are going to start with a private in-person initial consultation with Jules. Or a 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs and goals and then the initial consultation. During the initial consultation, you will try the equipment and learn some basic terminology. You can get the feel of what Pilates is like in your body, and I can answer your questions and see how you move.

Be aware that group Pilates classes are not like an open class at a gym. These are small classes, tailored to the individuals that come to them. Therefore, depending on your level of fitness and physical situation, it may mean that you will not be ready for even the beginner level group classes right off the bat. If you have need for a lot of continuing modifications, or if you are on a healing path, then private lessons will be your path, not the Group Classes.

Most people will take at least a month of private lessons before they enter the beginner level classes. We will talk about what is appropriate for your body during your consultation. We can make a schedule during your consultation.

Email Jules to schedule your consultation

Have you done Pilates before?

If you are at least a seasoned beginner, then you can take private lessons, begin at the beginner level Group Classes, Group Mat Pilates classes, or come to CoreAlign classes. Or any combination of those. If you have been doing Pilates for a while, and feel confident on the equipment, you can come to the intermediate level Group Classes, Group Mat Pilates classes, or CoreAlign classes. Or any combination of those.

Email Jules to schedule your consultation to get going.

All New clients

Private lessons are limited in their availability. Please understand there is only one of me, and I do have wait lists for popular time slots.

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Group Equipment Pilates classes have only 3 slots, Mat Pilates classes have only 4 slots, and CoreAlign classes are 5 slots. Classes cost $27 each and the slots are registered for the whole month. So if you desire to come to the Sunday 2am Beginner Equipment Group class and there are 5 Sundays in the month, your registration cost would be $135, if there are 4 Sundays, then the cost is $108.

Please note that I do not teach on the weekends except for occasional specialty classes and teacher training workshops.