Teacher Training

Jules Pilates offers a couple of unique programs for accredited Pilates instructors, physical therapists, yoga teachers, occupational therapists, personal trainers, bootcamp leaders, sports coaches, and all movement teachers.

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Teacher Training - Movement principles-Pilates

logo - Movement Principles Authorized Training Center

Movement principles is a well-organized weekend training to give teachers the inner knowledge to extend the health of your clients soft tissue and joints. The information in this training can easily be incorporated into your current teaching curricula. It goes way beyond anatomy alone.

We will experience five modules:

  1. whole body movement
  2. trunk integration
  3. lower body training
  4. upper body training
  5. mobility and restoration

If you teach multiple styles of movement or sports, this training can give you a common framework for understanding all modalities with which you are working.

As a Movement Specialist, I care about the quality of teaching that I experience when I take classes and when teach. I believe each moment has something to impart to us. Maybe it is a time to create more movement, burn more calories, maybe it is a time to listen to what the body or spirit is saying to us.

– Jules Wolf Stenzel

Teacher Training - CoreAlign Pilates

logo - CoreAlign Authorized Training Center

Jules Pilates offers teacher training for the CoreAlign. This means that we are a certified training facility with Balanced Body and are able to train you to teach students on the CoreAlign equipment. Continuing education credits (CECs) are available with the programs Jules Pilates offers through the following certifying boards:

  • Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA )

The CoreAlign® is a great functional movement teaching tool for clients at all fitness levels. It bridges Pilates, sports, physical therapy, and cardio exercise. It can help people improve posture and balance, improve their walking patterns, even out movement imbalances, and create a strong, toned inner and outer body for many sports activities. It is challenging. It is fun. You can stand, sit, slide, kneel, climb, even lie down. Many reformer exercises can be performed on the CoreAlign to make them more unique and challenging. If you’re having a hard time getting a student to “feel” where their inner muscles are, then the CoreAlign can be a great assistant.

In CoreAlign 1, we will explore the basis of movement and foundational exercises on the CoreAlign. Those exercise will give your clients a good basis for balanced easeful movement. We will learn the exercises, practice them, and practice teaching them. We will work on our ability to communicate well and see what our clients present to us. We will explore useful methods of programming lessons for targeting areas of the body and creating a balanced body.

In CoreAlign 2, we will build on the foundations and explore more variations and and complex exercise chains. We will continue to practice our communication, ability to see movement, and introduce more teaching strategies.

We have many special events in mind, please check back soon!