Video: Mantra for You

Every little cell of my body is happy and well

Through the years, my various Gurus have given me mantras to use in my meditations–for focusing my spirit and mind, for strengthening my body and heart.  A mantra might be just a sound, or string of sounds.  It might be a word, or a saying.  Mantras are typically specific to a person.  I am not certain that all my gurus know they were giving me mantras.  One of my first gurus used to say “nothing more to do” at the beginning of Sivasana, and I know many of you have heard that from me.  That is certainly one of my favorites for us over-active mind, life, and body people.  I feel that it is good to pass on what we can.  My very first yoga Guru, Lilias Folan, gave a group of us this lovely mantra for creating an healthy body.  It requires singing and dancing, so I made a little video.  Give it a try, give it a laugh, and maybe a little clap, snap or wiggle too!

If you cannot see the video by clicking on the picture, try clicking on the link.