• Jules Pilates Studio Community, pt. 2 Susan Trier

    Jules Pilates Studio Community, pt. 2 Susan Trier

    This Saturday at the Jules Pilates First Anniversary Party, Susan Trier will lead a free QiGong mini class. (More here for details: event page for party ) You have probably heard me tell a lot of stories.  One of my favorite stories is why I took my full Pilates teacher training.  The main reason is …

  • Jules Pilates Community, pt. 1 Haley New

    If you’ve been around lately, you may have noticed people other than me teaching at the studio.  Some teaching private Pilates lessons, some teaching Taijiquan, leading a health workshop, or maybe you came to another workshop.  I know so many wonderful people, both clients and teachers.  In light of creating a sense of us all …

  • Video: 2015! Happy New Year, Happy 1 year

    Video: 2015! Happy New Year, Happy 1 year

    Happy New Year! It has been a year since Jules Pilates Studio opened it’s doors with a party on January 1, 2014. Let’s party again! January 10th, 4 to 7 pm Link to event: 1st Anniversary Party Wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in the New Year. – Jules

  • Video: Pilates Fabulous Five

    Video: Pilates Fabulous Five

    Five mat Pilates abdominal exercises that you can do everyday to keep your core healthy and strong. 4-8 of each these followed by a counter-stretch. single leg stretch double leg stretch crisscross scissors double leg lower

  • Video: Reformer Short Box Exercises

    Video: Reformer Short Box Exercises

    A dancerly review of some short box exercises on the Universal Reformer. (This is the Allegro II by Balanced Body.)

  • Video: Flossing (for shoulders)

    Video: Flossing (for shoulders)

    Flossing Exercises: More techniques for keeping shoulders, arms and wrists mobile, open and pain free. The axial, the medial and the radial nerves run down the arm from the front of the shoulder. The radial nerve wraps all the way around the upper arm bone. The nerves can adhere to tendons and tissue, especially if …